How to Run a Successful Youth Hockey Tryout

“Hockey is a unique sport in the sense that you need each and every guy helping each other and pulling in the same direction to be successful.” – Wayne Gretzky Per Gretzky’s point, forming a hockey team is about more … Read More

Top Tips for Managing a Youth Sports Organization

Players, parents and spectators might file into a tournament and never think twice about how the tournament happened. They might even go an entire season without stopping to think about how the fields or courts were reserved, how the number … Read More

7 Tips for Keeping Your Youth Sports League Budget in Check

It may not be fun or glamorous, but keeping a budget for your youth sports organization is crucial to the club’s success. The financial backbone of the league can keep teams running smoothly and set squads up for success. But … Read More

Building Sports Community with Player Evaluation

How to Build Community with Player Evaluation Software

Participating in youth athletics is about more than just sports. Athletics are about helping kids develop new skills and confidence. Sports help kids learn to communicate with their peers and learn about teamwork. They can help spark new friendships and … Read More

Youth sports Sponsorship

How to score a sponsorship for your youth sports team

Youth athletics has become a billion-dollar industry. According to WinterGreen Research, a firm that tracks youth athletics, U.S. youth sports is a $15.3 billion market. And it’s only getting bigger. WinterGreen provided exclusive research to Time stating the youth athletics … Read More

Return on Investment Paperless Evaluations

How to Measure the ROI of Paperless Evaluations

“Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin Most of us wish we had more hours in the day to get everything done. Our to-do lists are longer than our grocery lists and work-life balance feels like an unreachable … Read More

Live Scoring Youth Sports Club Benefits

4 Ways Live Scoring Can Benefit Your Youth Sports Club

We live in a world of instant gratification. We expect texts to be returned immediately. We complain if we have to wait at the drive-thru window for our lattes. We expect items we order online to be delivered as quickly … Read More

Player Evaluation Software

How to Use Player Evaluation Software Beyond Tryouts

An evaluation app can provide player feedback and send athlete communications Evaluation software can help youth sports clubs in numerous ways during tryouts. It can help make player registration easier, it can help streamline the scoring process, and it can … Read More

How to Positively Make Player Cuts [Guest Post: Positive Coaching Alliance]

While being cut is the most painful for the child who doesn’t make the team, making the cut is also difficult for the coach. As a result, some coaches avoid communicating about this topic with players and parents. Coaches should … Read More

Removing Bias from Youth Soccer Tryouts

5 Tips for Removing Biases from Youth Soccer Tryouts

One of the top things organizations can do to eliminate biases from youth soccer tryouts is to bring in outside evaluators. In an ideal world, when youth soccer tryouts are held the athletes all perform to the best of their … Read More