Hockey Goalie Coaching Tips

During youth hockey games, the outcome of the contest can often come down to the success of the goalie. If your goalie can’t stop the opponent’s shots, it puts your club in a tough position to win.  Because of this, … Read More

New Video & Media Library Feature is Live!

Player Evaluation Video Done the Right Way Video for sharing feedback. Video for recording tryouts. Video for having an expert coach in the back-room review each swing. Video is here, and it’s here to stay at TeamGenius. Now, youth sports … Read More

Strategic Planning for Youth Sports Organizations

For youth soccer, hockey, lacrosse or volleyball clubs to be successful, it’s important to outline goals and strategize around these initiatives. All successful businesses have strategic plans, and youth sports clubs should be no different. These plans can help clubs … Read More

How to Present Sponsorship Opportunities

How to Present Sponsorship Opportunities

Trying to get a sponsorship for your sports organization can take a lot of effort and diligent work. It requires your club to outline what types of sponsorships are available, how much money it needs to raise, and what types … Read More

Using Player Evaluations

5 Ways Player Evaluations Can Shape Your Season

When youth sports clubs evaluate players at tryouts, the grades they are giving athletes can have a bigger impact than beyond creating rosters. The scores and feedback associated with player evaluations can impact the athlete and the club throughout the … Read More

Is it Time to Start Building a New Youth Sports Facility?

Are you turning athletes away from your youth sports organization because you don’t have enough space to accommodate the players? Are you limiting how many teams you can form based on the number of available fields, courts or rinks? Are … Read More

Partner Tryout Spotlight: Skylands Ice World

Skylands Ice World was an organization that needed a hockey player evaluation app to increase its efficiencies during tryouts and the team formation process. Located in Stockholm, NJ, Skylands Ice World is one of the area’s top youth hockey organizations. … Read More

Youth Sports Tryout Tips

6 Youth Sports Tryout Tips from the Sidelines

It’s easy to get stuck in a bubble when conducting youth sports tryouts. Your club is so focused on getting players registered, evaluated, and placed on teams that it’s difficult to take a step back and assess if there are … Read More

Losing Players to Neighboring Clubs

7 Reasons Why You Might be Losing Players to Neighboring Clubs

Youth sports clubs strive to not only maintain their current participation levels but to also raise athlete numbers. Losing players to neighboring clubs can be hard because more athletes mean more teams and more revenue for the club. According to … Read More

Director of Coaching

How to be a Great Youth Sports Club Director of Coaching

To be successful, a youth sports club’s Director of Coaching has to master the ability to multi-task. Directors need to plan and run tryouts, attend clinics, hire and train coaches, create evaluation processes, and still find time to attend games … Read More