Player Evaluation Software

Choosing the Right Player Evaluation Software

When youth sports organizations are looking for accuracy, efficiency, and reliable results and communication tools, they turn to evaluation software. These applications can enhance the way clubs run tryouts, share results, and provide feedback to athletes. Once a youth sports … Read More

Fund Player Evaluation Software

How to Fund Player Evaluation Software

After doing research, your youth sports organization has decided it needs player evaluation software. The club wants the benefits of having real-time scores and athlete rankings, the added parameters for preventing biases, the ease of providing player feedback throughout the … Read More

Evaluating players throughout the season

Why You Should Evaluate Players Throughout the Season & Not Just at Tryouts

All youth athletes expect to be evaluated at the start of a season during tryouts. It’s a necessity to help youth sports organizations form rosters. But athletes’ performances during tryouts might not be an accurate depiction of their actual abilities. … Read More

How to Make a Soccer Field

How to Make a Soccer Field

How hard is it to build your own soccer field? What types of tools are needed to create a proper soccer field? What materials will you need? In this article, we answer all of those questions and then some. Read … Read More

Why use TeamGenius software

Why TeamGenius

Your youth athletics club or association is ready to use player evaluation software this year. Awesome! Now it’s time to select the right application for your club. There are many options for player evaluation software. All of the companies and … Read More

Directors of Coaching Love TeamGenius

Why Directors of Coaching Love TeamGenius

Player evaluation software is transforming how youth athletic organizations run tryouts, conduct player evaluations, and communicate with athletes and parents. TeamGenius’ application allows Directors of Coaching to think beyond simply entering player data during evaluations and instead utilize real-time scoring … Read More

TeamGenius benefits to board members

How to Convince Your Board to Invest in TeamGenius Player Evaluation Software

TeamGenius athlete evaluation software has the ability to improve youth sports clubs’ tryouts processes, team and coach evaluations, camps, and clinics. The benefits of the investment in the solution can be felt by club directors, coaches, players, and parents. Some … Read More

Getting Your Coaches Excited About TeamGenius

Getting Your Coaches Excited About TeamGenius

The decision to use player evaluation software often comes from a youth sports club’s board or director of coaching. While the ease-of-use and benefits are clear to team administrators, learning and using the application might initially feel like another to-do … Read More

Fundraising Ideas for Youth Sports Clubs

15 Fundraising Ideas for Youth Sports Clubs

When youth sports teams compare their needs for the season to what’s available in the budget, often there is a lack of funds. To raise the extra money, some teams might opt to participate in fundraisers. Fundraising can be a … Read More

Youth Sports Sponsorship Packets

Create a Youth Sports Sponsorship Packet in 4 Easy Steps

Many youth sports clubs have a gap between how much money they have in the budget and how much they’d like to spend for the season. To bridge this deficit, a lot of organizations pursue sponsorships. While the end result … Read More