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Ease your youth sports tryouts by switching from paper evaluation forms to player evaluation software

Manual. Labor-intensive. Cumbersome collection of data. These are all reasons the Queen City Volleyball Club switched from paper evaluation forms to TeamGenius’ sports evaluation software.

“The tryout process was paper-based and very labor-intensive. All of the evaluation sheets had to be updated with any athletes who didn’t show up and with walk-ups prior to the start of the session. After evaluations, the sheets had to be collected and compiled so that scores could be determined,” LeeAnn Taylor, of the Queen City Volleyball Club, said about why they switched to evaluation software.

While using paper forms to conduct player evaluations during tryouts has proven effective for years, as the Queen City Volleyball Club discovered, there are benefits – for directors, coaches, players and parents – to switching to player evaluation software.


Saves Time

Instead of shuffling through papers, transferring data, and manually calculating scores (which is prone to human error), evaluation software enables the data to be kept in one place. Organizations can stop investing money and time in resources for manual tabulation and instead spend more time discussing team placements.

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“As the former president and current tryout coordinator, I can tell you (the evaluation software) saved me hours of work and proved a very useful tool,” said Gina Hansen, Tryout Coordinator of the Orono Thunder Soccer Club.


Increases Accuracy

When relying on individuals to correctly enter and calculate scores onto paper forms, you are introducing a level of risk into the evaluation process. When using software, the customized scoring scale and criteria is entered into the application, and scores are automatically calculated.


Improves Fairness

No matter how many safety nets are put into place, it’s hard to ensure tryouts are completely fair. With paper forms, it’s possible scores can be changed to move athletes up or down the rankings list. In contrast, with software there is more ambiguity. There are settings that allow players’ names to be kept from the application so they are only identified by their numbers. There are also measures in place to ensure only evaluators can enter or change scores, preventing the risk of having scores altered.


Offers Immediate tryout results

Instead of waiting until paper forms can be tabulated (and handwriting deciphered), evaluation software tools enable player scores and overall team rankings to be available immediately, in real-time.

“We really liked how we had accurate player rankings as soon as they stepped off the ice,” said Mike Terwilliger, the New Hockey Programs Manager at Minnesota Hockey.”

The immediate results also help the evaluators.

“The evaluators were able to quickly enter scores for the girls, and could easily see where scores were missing. Better yet, the results were available immediately, without having to collect a bunch of papers and enter the scores into a spreadsheet,” Taylor said.

Another benefit of real-time results is the ability to notify players quickly. This can be key if athletes tried out for multiple clubs. By informing an athlete he or she made the team, organizations might be able to secure top talent sooner than rival teams.


Improves tryout check-in process

Evaluation software allows you to erase the headaches caused during player check-in, easing the process for volunteers and players. Players can easily be checked in upon arrival, and immediately assigned a number and a group. Even late arrivals can be checked in hassle-free, and their information can be automatically added to the players’ list, easing the pain of having to alert evaluators to a tardy player’s arrival.

“We loved the simple check-in process, and the ease of dealing with no-shows and walk-ups was very useful,” Taylor said.


Enables easy access to data

The software allows coaches and directors to pull up individual athlete scores with ease. This is particularly useful when communicating tryouts results. Coaches can look at a player’s scores to explain why they didn’t make the team and what areas he or she needs to improve. Player data can also be accessed throughout the season. Coaches and directors can grab athlete stats on various categories, keep historical data on players to compare from year-to-year, and enter data throughout the season to perform mid-season evaluations.

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Enables fast and easy communication of results

When using paper forms, once the teams are determined coaches and directors then begin the process of notifying players and parents. Evaluation software can help make that task easier. Emails can be sent directly from the application, offering quicker results.

These benefits of using evaluation software helped the Queen City Volleyball Club move away from the stressful paper process, and instead operate smooth tryouts this year using evaluation software – with even more participants.

“The number of athletes we evaluated this year was significantly higher than last year,” Taylor said. “We did see a significant drop in paper usage as we went from a very paper-based system to almost paperless. This also led to time savings both during evaluations and after when we looked at the evaluation results. As a volunteer-run organization, it was important to us to do what we could to make it easier for our volunteers.”

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