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When youth sports organizations are looking for accuracy, efficiency, and reliable results and communication tools, they turn to evaluation software. These applications can enhance the way clubs run tryouts, share results, and provide feedback to athletes.

Once a youth sports organization determines it needs player evaluation software, the next question becomes which one to use. Clubs need to find a software solution that fits their needs and goals. Take a look below at areas clubs should evaluate when choosing the right player evaluation software.

Flexibility: Can the software be customized to fit your needs?

Most organizations have been running player evaluations and forming teams for years. If the club has a method that works, it shouldn’t have to change it. Instead, find a software that works with the team’s current methodology and enhances it through improved speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

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Even if a team doesn’t have a specific method it’s using, it should ensure the software allows for customizations so the organization can set up the platform to fit its needs.

Ease of Use: Is the software intuitive?

Evaluation software needs to be easy to use. The right software will save organizations time and be more efficient than paper methods. If clubs are spending more time trying to learn the program and training their staff on it, then it’s not doing its job. Teams should find a software system that they are comfortable using and are confident others can learn quickly.

Data Security and Reliability: Is the data secure and stored in a credible place? Who owns the data?

When entering information on youth athletes, it’s important for organizations to find software that keeps their data secure and stores it in a credible space.

Clubs should also ask who owns the data if it’s sold to other third-parties, and how the team can access it. It’s also critical that organizations can count on the product being available when clubs need it. Teams should ask where the software is hosted and what measures have been taken to ensure app availability.

Innovation and Market Leadership: Is the software provider reputable with a proven track record?

Choosing a player evaluation software

When selecting evaluation software, clubs should go with the best. Organizations should invest in a platform that is leading the industry in technology and capabilities and that was developed by a company that understands its clients’ needs first-hand. By backing the market leader, you can rest assured knowing that you’re working with a company who will continue to invest in bringing you more value. Organizations should do research on the company before purchasing the software and make sure it is a proven leader in evaluation software.

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Integrations: Can the software integrate with other programs and applications for ease of use?

When searching for the right evaluation software, clubs should make sure the solution works with other programs, applications, and integrations they are already using.

Required Equipment and Hardware: What is needed to run the software?

Before teams purchase evaluation software, they should ask upfront what equipment or hardware will be needed to run the platform. The evaluation app needs to work on any device and both iOS and Android platforms. Also, ask about on/offline capabilities and recommended internet access solutions.

The Ultimate Guide to Player Evaluation Software

Multiple Purposes Beyond Tryouts: Does the software have a purpose beyond tryouts?

Additionally, when choosing a player evaluation software, organizations should look at the whole picture of what they need. They should think beyond tryouts and team formation and consider the future state of the club. Does the organization need a faster and easier way to perform coach and player evaluations? The ability to send communications to players and parents? An easier way to store player feedback? Interested in tracking ongoing player growth and development? All of these requests can be fulfilled with the right software.

Budget: Is the pricing clear and simple?

Selecting a player evaluation software

Every organization operates on a budget. Before committing to an evaluation software solution, clubs should know exactly what costs they will incur, and what’s included with the price. There shouldn’t be hidden fees or surprise costs that will show up later. Player evaluation software providers should give organizations a clear and simple price. Typically, pricing differences come down to the value clubs will get – organizations get what they pay for when it comes to quality. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is, and it is often an indicator of a struggling business that should be avoided.

Training, Support, and Customer Success: What support is available post-purchase?

When choosing an evaluation software solution, organizations should check into how much training and ongoing support is provided. Will someone be available to help the organization set up their account and prepare for evaluations? Do they provide training videos, articles, and other resources? Does the club have a lifeline during tryouts, even on weekends, if help is needed? Also, consider if the company has a track record of soliciting and responding to customer feedback. Organizations should review training and support options for any evaluation software it’s considering.

Reviews, Testimonials, Partnerships, and Reference Customers: What are others saying about the company and the software?

Organizations should research a company’s client list, read reviews on Capterra, review testimonials and/or case studies on their website and review a list of their current customers and partners before deciding on which evaluation software to select. Do they already work with clubs known and trusted by the organization? Do they have partnerships with major governing bodies or multi-region/national clubs? Are online reviews positive? These are all great indicators of the quality of a player evaluation platform, and equally as important, the company and people behind the platform.

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