Good Youth Sports Organization encourage kids to learn over winning

5 Signs of a Good Youth Sports Organization

If asked to think of an example of a good, well-run youth sports organization, one team probably comes to mind. Now think of a bad youth sports organization. A couple of examples likely come to mind.  What’s the difference between … Read More

Creating a budget for your youth sports team can be easy

10 Easy Steps to Creating a Youth Sports Club Budget

While the focus of a youth sports club might be securing coaches, players, equipment, and facilities, an organization can’t function without the money to fund the team and its needs for the season. To ensure a youth sports team has … Read More

Youth Sports Can Leverage Player Stats

4 Ways Youth Sports Club Can Leverage Player Stats

In recent years, the book (and later, the movie) “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game” has transformed Major League Baseball. Michael Lewis’ book showed MLB teams and players how statistics could be used to find success. The NBA … Read More

Setting Player & Coach Evaluation Criteria for Youth Sports

Setting Youth Sports Player & Coach Evaluation Criteria

As the season winds down, the focus of youth sports organizations shifts from games and practices to wrapping up the year and preparing for next season. A large part of that process is conducting evaluations for both coaches and players. … Read More

TeamGenius TeamSnap Integration

It’s Here! TeamGenius + TeamSnap

Now you can import TeamSnap rosters to TeamGenius Player Evaluation Software     Here at TeamGenius, we’re all about working smarter not harder which is why we continue bringing our customers valuable integrations with other powerful youth sports management tools. … Read More

Youth Sports Financial Goals

6 Noteworthy Youth Sports Club Financial Goals

When one thinks of running a youth sports club, setting financial goals usually isn’t top of mind. But planning for how to manage the club’s finances is crucial to running a successful program. Youth sports team have to be able … Read More

Should you text parents in youth sports

Should you use text messages to communicate with parents?

Best Practices for Communicating Via Text with Parents in Youth Sports Write an email. Send it out to all parents and families. Answer questions later that were addressed in the email, making it clear no one read it. And wash-rinse-repeat … Read More

Must Use Drills for Your Next Volleyball Tryout

Must Use Drills for Your Next Volleyball Tryout

The volunteers are running the check-in tables, the players are stretching on the courts and the evaluators and coaches are taking their places. Everything is ready and tryouts are ready to begin. Now all you have to do is execute … Read More

Youth Sports Club Equipment

How to Supply Your Youth Sports League with Awesome Equipment On a Budget [Guest Post: Lacrosse Scoop]

Sports are an expensive hobby for everyone involved. A sports league costs families, coaches, and members of the organization who make it all possible. To have enough money to kick start the sports league is one thing, but finding a … Read More

Best Practices for Running a Youth Sports Club

Best Practices for Running A Youth Sports Club

In the U.S., about 37 percent of kids between the ages of 6 and 12 play an organized team sport on a regular basis. While one-in-three kids seems like a high rate, this number – published in The Aspen Institute’s … Read More