Youth Sports Tryout Tips

6 Youth Sports Tryout Tips from the Sidelines

It’s easy to get stuck in a bubble when conducting youth sports tryouts. Your club is so focused on getting players registered, evaluated, and placed on teams that it’s difficult to take a step back and assess if there are … Read More

Losing Players to Neighboring Clubs

7 Reasons Why You Might be Losing Players to Neighboring Clubs

Youth sports clubs strive to not only maintain their current participation levels but to also raise athlete numbers. Losing players to neighboring clubs can be hard because more athletes mean more teams and more revenue for the club. According to … Read More

Director of Coaching

How to be a Great Youth Sports Club Director of Coaching

To be successful, a youth sports club’s Director of Coaching has to master the ability to multi-task. Directors need to plan and run tryouts, attend clinics, hire and train coaches, create evaluation processes, and still find time to attend games … Read More

New Scoring Options Available!

Now you can customize your scoring criteria beyond numbered scales and sliders – use text labels, buttons, drop down menus and more! Prefer using text labels to numbers? No problem. Now you can create custom scoring labels and choose the … Read More

Youth Sports Club President

How to be a Great Youth Sports Club President

The success of most organizations often depends on their leadership. Quality leaders can motivate their staff to produce results, get buy-in from needed supporters and stakeholders, and elevate the organization. The same is true for youth sports clubs. A youth … Read More

Youth Sports Club Administrator

How to be a Great Youth Sports Club Administrator

In a youth sports organization, the club’s administrator can be the glue that holds the Board of Directors, staff members, and volunteers together. They perform the day-to-day tasks to assist all club employees and are typically the person behind phone … Read More

TeamSnap and TeamGenius Partner to Deliver Industry Leading Athlete Evaluation Tools

Boulder, CO and Minneapolis, MN (June 12, 2019) – TeamSnap, the household name in integrated sports management, announced today it has partnered with TeamGenius, the leading athlete evaluation app for tryouts, feedback and player development. With the new partnership, TeamSnap … Read More

Creating a Youth Sports Organizational Structure

Creating a Youth Sports Organizational Structure that Works

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” – Vince Lombardi Anyone involved with youth sports knows that running a successful club requires hard work, dedication, and organization. To keep the club running efficiently, a structure needs … Read More

tech for digital player evaluations

Recommended Devices and Internet Access Solutions for Digital Evaluations

Transitioning from manual player evaluations to digital can come with a lot of questions. Perhaps one of the largest is what technology you need for digital player evaluation apps. Evaluating players manually typically only requires a pen and paper. But … Read More

Running Digital Player Evaluations

Three Steps to Running Digital Player Evaluations

Like almost everything these days, youth sports tryouts are going digital. Gone are the days of paper forms and pencils. Now, evaluations can be done on scorers’ mobile devices with player evaluation software. This solution provides instant results so team … Read More