Frequently Asked Questions

Assessing TeamGenius for Your Organization

Can I evaluate players with the same criteria I’ve used before?

In most cases, yes. You can build your assessment using any mix of quantitative (e.g. timed drills, repetition counts, velocity) and subjective scoring (e.g. 1-5 scale). You define the criterion names and descriptions, and you can even define your scoring ranges, criteria weights and much more.

My current evaluation method is great, why do I need this?

We understand that you’ve probably got a method for identifying players and forming teams that, although likely painful and inefficient, largely works. We built our player evaluation app with this in mind. You don’t need to entirely change the way you’re evaluating players or the criteria you’re using today. TeamGenius is customizable and designed to work with your existing evaluation methods while improving the efficiency and accuracy of your process dramatically. Plus, TeamGenius isn’t just for tryouts and works great for player feedback and development throughout the season.

How much time will a player evaluation app save my organization during tryouts?

“A gazillion hours!” “DOZENS of hours,” “I can’t believe how easy it was – we all went out for a beer instead of staying up all night crunching numbers!”

Although we’ve heard all of these things from our customers, most organizations who switch to our player evaluation solution estimate saving between 30 and 40 hours during tryouts alone. Though in many cases, the time savings reported is much more significant than that, and time savings is just one of the many benefits.

Is TeamGenius just for tryouts, or can I evaluate players and share feedback throughout the season?

Although we focus on providing the absolute best, most reliable and flexible tryouts tool, our player evaluation software is great for all types of evaluations. In fact, most of our customers use TeamGenius for more than just tryouts. It’s also great for coaches evaluations, player feedback and development programs, private training, camps, clinics, combines and showcases.

Will TeamGenius work for my sport?

Yes, absolutely. TeamGenius is flexible and completely configurable. This means it works for any sport and any evaluation type. Find your sport!

How much does TeamGenius cost?

Our annual licenses are priced based on the number of players in your organization and include everything you need to run evaluations like a pro. Check out our pricing page for more.

Do you provide training and support?

We’re committed to making sure you have an excellent experience with our player evaluation tool. To ensure your success with TeamGenius, all of our subscription plans include training, setup and support. Our goal is to make sure that you and your staff are completely confident going into your evaluations. We also have tons of step by step guides and videos on everything from training your evaluators on mobile scoring to interpreting tryout results.

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How much time and effort will it take me to implement this?

As with any change, an initial investment of time is required to learn the new system and process. We take great care in making sure our product is easy to use, which means that most of our customers can learn it quickly and painlessly. Typically, an investment of a few hours (some of that time with us, some independently) is required to recreate your scoring form in TeamGenius, upload your players, and train on logistics (e.g. check-in process).

How many days does it take to get my account created and setup?

Although we welcome short turn around requests, we typically like to have two weeks to ensure we have time to schedule training, provide your evaluators and staff an opportunity to practice if desired, and to ensure all members of your team have had a chance to ask questions and get acquainted with the system before your first evaluation.

Is there a way we can try out the TeamGenius mobile app?

Yes! Go to your mobile app store and search “TeamGenius” (look for the owl). Download, open, and enter your name, email, and access key Demo2018 on the login page. This will bring you to a soccer evaluation example. If you’d prefer to set up your own evaluation to test, simply create a free account and set up and example assessment here.

Running Player Evaluations with TeamGenius

Can I import players from my registration system?

Yes, first you need to export your registration to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) format file. TeamGenius will step you through mapping fields from your file into the TeamGenius prior to import. SportsEngine customers can import players directly through our SportsEngine integration. Integrations with additional youth sports registration systems will be available soon.

How do I add players who didn’t pre-register for tryouts?

Players can be added on the fly from the check in page. You can click the “Add Walk-up Player” button and both create the player and check them in in a single step.

Does the mobile app require an internet connection when scoring players?

No, you only need an internet connection to load the assessment setup and players. After that, if the location where you evaluate players does not have an internet connection, the app will automatically go into offline mode, allowing you to collect scores on the device, then sync up when a connection is available later.

Can I evaluate players from my laptop or desktop computer?

Yes! Online scoring is available through any web browser meaning you to run evaluations from literally any device or computer. Plus, access to a physical keyboard and mouse makes online scoring ideal for more thorough evaluations like end-of-season coaches evaluations, or for less tech-savvy individuals who aren’t comfortable scoring through a mobile app.

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What if it rains during the tryouts?

The great thing about using a mobile app is that you can operate it and enter scores with one hand and hold an umbrella in the other. This is very difficult with paper and clipboard. We’ve seen all sorts of methods for attempting to keep paper dry during evaluations, but none are effective. Once the paper gets wet and the ink or graphite runs or smears it’s all over.

Can I have players tryout over multiple days or on different days?

Yes, our Assessment setup is completely configurable and easy to set up to capture assessments over multiple days. Our analytics engine will provide clear insight into player performance and rankings for each day as well as across the entire assessment.

Can a player tryout for multiple teams or competition levels?

Yes, our system allows players to be evaluated in multiple player pools so that you can collect and compare scores for players as part of multiple groups.

Can we add player profile pictures?

Yes, you can capture player profile pictures right from the mobile app, or upload to individual player profiles through the admin site. We use facial recognition technology to find and crop the image to show just the face, making it easy to recognize each player within the mobile app and while looking at results and reports.

What reports and results will I see after my evaluation?

You’ll be able to see scoring averages and player rankings by age group, coach/evaluator, position, scoring category, individual criteria or skill (e.g. 40 yard dash) and more. There are many additional reports showing useful information like team rosters and individual player scores (i.e. player report cards) as well.

Can I send team placement notifications and reports to players and parents?

Certainly. You can create custom email templates with personalized fields, like team placement, and send results out to hundreds of players with just a few clicks. You also have the option to attach player evaluation reports or club specific files and send with the click of a few buttons. There is even an email history, so you can track who you’ve sent emails to and their status.

Data & Security

Is the technology stable? It’s not on some server in your basement is it?

TeamGenius is extremely stable and is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. It even scales up the bandwidth automatically if needed, so it continues loading quickly even when we have a lot of customers running evaluations simultaneously. We’ve never had an outage or performance problem.

Is my data secure?

We take pride in being a trustworthy partner to our customers, and take great care in ensuring your data is secure. Our platform is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud Infrastructure which meets every software security standard.

Who owns the data? Do you sell our information?

You have full access to export all your data and do with it what you please. We don’t own or sell any personally identifiable information (PII). However, we do reserve the right to use non-PII like aggregate scores, or 40-yard dash times, for example.

Will scoring players with TeamGenius use all of my cellular data?

No, the app is very efficient and uses only a small amount of data, even when entering scores continuously for several hours.

Do you have user access levels or permissions?

Absolutely. We different access levels at both the account and individual assessment level. This allows you to invite a user into your account but only give them access to certain assessments. There are even permission levels within an assessment, so you could grant access to see data for a specific player pool only, or give permission to run your check-in process but not view evaluation data.

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