Features so You Can Do Tryouts and Player Evaluations Your Way

Draw it up and prepare for tryouts or coaches assessments in minutes


Build custom player evaluations

Whether you want to time players in the 40 yard dash or rate their passing skills during game play, you can customize both objective and subjective player evaluation criteria. You control the scoring so you can easily replicate your existing player evaluation form.

Import players

Quickly import players from a SportsEngine registration or an Excel file, or add players to your assessments manually. Our smart player import process even identifies gaps or errors in your data.

Register and check in players

Quickly search for a player by name and check them in as they arrive for tryouts. Have walk-ups? No problem – you can add a new player and check them in in a single step.

Create player pools

Set up player pools so you can easily compare players of similar age or skill level, and make scoring them more manageable by grouping them in the TeamGenius player evaluation mobile app.

Score players right on your phone or tablet


Native mobile scoring app

Score players with the touch of a finger on our mobile player evaluation app, available for iOS and Android. Rate players, record times and repetitions, and take notes right within the app. The best part is, you no longer need to collect stacks of paper and transfer scores to excel!

Record player ratings, times, repetitions and more

No need to carry a stopwatch, paper and clipboard – our mobile app has a built in stopwatch and repetition counter, and you can enter any value you wish manually. Enter scores for subjective criteria with a simple slider.

Add comments and notes

Efficiently add comments and notes right within the app. Our app is compatible with your device’s voice-to-text function, and you can use our customizable comments list to add common comments with the with a simple tap of the finger.

Available in offline mode

No internet connection? No problem. TeamGenius will automatically switch to offline mode allowing you to continue scoring. Once you establish a connection, your scores will sync and be saved online automatically.

Capture player profile pictures

Snap a picture of each player right through our mobile app. Our facial recognition system automatically crops a perfect profile picture, which is then visible in the app while scoring and within the results after evaluations.

Analyze evaluation results, form teams, and email results and feedback


Real-time player rankings means instant results

Player rankings update continuously as new scores are entered by your evaluators. No compiling scores and spending hours sorting through spreadsheets after tryouts. Get results online immediately after tryouts and go right to forming teams.

Powerful analytics engine and player ranking system

Our player ranking algorithm and TeamGenius Score® ensure you get the most accurate view of your players so you can make better decisions about team placements. Plus, you’ll have the hard data to back them up.

Compare players across age group and position

Conveniently sort and filter players by scoring section, player pool, evaluator and criteria. You have total control when viewing results so you can see only what you care about.

Player evaluation reports

Player reports are automatically created featuring your organization’s name and logo so you can share feedback with players and parents after tryouts, or throughout the season. Download or email them right from TeamGenius.

Form teams online

After completing your evaluations, you can form teams online right within the player rankings and analytics section so you can be sure players are assigned to the right skill level and team.

Email results and team placements

Use our customizable email templates and batch sending capability to email tryout results, player performance reports, and feedback to players and parents immediately following tryouts and throughout the season.

Nuts and bolts



TeamGenius is built on the best cloud infrastructure available, and meets every security standard, so there’s no need to worry about your data being compromised.

Cloud infrastructure

Access your data from anywhere on any device. All you need is internet access. Your data is synced and saved to the cloud in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything.

Efficient data management

TeamGenius is optimized to use very little data – you can enter scores on your mobile device for hours without worrying about using all of your cellular data.

Customer support

Our support staff is at your service and committed to your success.
Contact us for help getting set up, with training, or for anything at all.

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