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Ditch the paper soccer evaluation forms and switch to digital player evaluations for soccer tryouts, soccer camps, soccer player feedback, and more. Why fill out paper forms and spend hours re-entering your evaluation data into spreadsheets? Now you can evaluate players right on your mobile device and get player rankings and soccer evaluation reports instantly. Plus, your coaches can easily evaluate and share feedback with players throughout the season.

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1) Customize your soccer tryout or player evaluation and import players

Define soccer evaluation criteria such as technical, tactical, physical and psychological. You can even create skills tests and timed drills. Then, finish preparing for tryouts by importing your players from a CSV file, TeamSnap or SportsEngine registration.

TeamGenius Import Players from TeamSnap or SportsEngine

2) Replace paper soccer evaluation forms with the TeamGenius mobile app

Easily rate soccer players, record times and reps, and add comments with the TeamGenius soccer tryouts and evaluations app. Scores are automatically synced to the cloud in real-time. You can even score players without an internet connection.

Mobile App for Sports Tryouts

3) See immediate player rankings and reports, form teams, and share feedback

Get detailed reports and data so you can properly form teams and send team placement offers and notifications. Then, use TeamGenius throughout the season to share useful player feedback and track player development.



Player Evaluation Software Scores and Rankings

The complete soccer player evaluations solution for tryouts and feedback

Build custom soccer player assessments

Import players a CSV file, TeamSnap or SportsEngine

Check in players on tryouts day

Score players with our mobile or web scoring app

See real-time player rankings

Use our powerful soccer player analytics engine

Easily assign players to appropriate teams

Email results, team placements, and feedback reports

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